рекламные коммуникации


In the field of Brand research, " Communications " we offer our clients a great opportunity to develop an effective strategy for brand management and long-term customer relationship. Methodologies for the study of the interaction with the brand (emotional communication, loyalty, communication) are based on world research standards and extensive experience gained during the Russian market years.

Understanding consumer decision-making trends in the choice of a brand is critical in terms of building effective marketing strategies and the promotion of goods. However, in today ' s world, when consumer choices are influenced by a variety of factors, this is a challenge.

TNS, as a leading marketing research company, has accumulated a huge database based on hundreds of thousands of consumer interviews. We understand consumers ' motives and can present an accurate vision of how they make decisions, which determines their motivation in choosing a brand.

  • Brenda studies (market, image, brand health, competitive environment);
  • Pre-test, post campaign;
  • Tracking studies (Mark health, advertising efficiency, sponsorship);
  • Optimization of brand and consumer interface points (touchpoints research).
  • Our expert decisions in the field of brand research and communication enable our clients to grow businesses, and their brands to take the lead not only in the market but also in consumer consciousness.

    In the course of our studies, we consider the brand in terms of its strategy, its positioning in the task force, its knowledge and uniqueness. We study how brand is presented in our category, how advertising affects its consumption and how consumers see it.

    An important area in the brand study is the study of consumer preferences and their segmentation from a rational and emotional perspective.

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