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Особенности рекламы для малого бизнеса

The main feature of advertising for small businesses is the correct definition and distribution of the advertising budget. In the absence of the opportunity to dispense with money, management must pay particular attention to the choice of a mediator, the type of advertising, the acceptance of greater efficiency, as the future fate and success of a young company depended on it.

There are several ways to define the advertising budget. Depending on how often you're going to sell your goods or services.

It is possible to make announcements not permanently, but from the case to the case where extra funds are available. The benefits, however, are small. First of all, you don't have to break your head from the day over. advertising companyAnd secondly, it is possible to spend quite a lot of money, because advertising is not often sponsored. However, such an approach is not systemic, which means ineffective. Your consumers must constantly see you in order to know where they need services or products. If your company reminds itself of itself, your clients will not be able to remember its name in a huge flow of information. It's better to spend some time using simple advertising techniques, but to do it all the time. You can determine your budget for advertising as a percentage of income. The more income, the more ads you'll be giving.

It's just possible to allocate a certain amount that your business can sell and use it every month for advertising.

Let's list the simplest and cheapest ways of advertising.

Placates. Steakers. They stick on the walls of houses, poles, bulletin boards, doors, elevators, entrances. It must be borne in mind that some places are not a commercial-free zone. Let us allow the poster to be placed on the subway or train to be arranged with management and to pay a certain amount.

Leafers♪ You can put them in mailboxes, put them on the streets.

The signs. The shields are located next to the firm, name, address, phone, services are short.

Stenders. Normally, the iron linings placed near the office. Keep the same information as the signs.

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