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Advertising Planning

Mikhail Trufanov, Director General of Artonconsalting

How are advertising campaigns on the Internet planned? Most often on the basis of “healthy meaning”. Like soccer, everyone's in advertising. And everyone knows where to sell their stuff. The following arguments in the selection of the advertising area are most common:
  • I always go to this site;
  • I sell couches, it's a couch site;
  • There is always an ad for my competitor on this site;
  • This site offers good discounts;
  • a very beautiful site;
  • I never went to this site and I didn't hear anything about it. The website is bad.

These arguments are not one dozen, and most of them will have nothing to do with media planning. There's no way to evaluate the advertisements in their own sense, because:

  • Most of the mosses are not the target audience of their product.
  • Even if we fit the CA ourselves, it's not right to assess anything from a sample of one person.
  • It's not about feeling, it's about numbers. Only they can be compared. Only the cost of attracting the audience from each site or the cost of reaching the audience.

One simple thing should be understood first. In the word, advertising! The Internet is only a way to deliver a message.

In the area of online relay media, there's nothing different from advertising in the paper or radio. There are changing modes of delivery, but the point remains the same. And the main stages of advertising planning are unchangeable.

1. Publicity planning stages

Planning of any advertising campaign, including on the Internet, can be divided into the following main stages:

1. Determining the purpose of the advertising campaign;

2. Definition of target audiences;

3. Pre-selection of advertisements;

4. Selection of formats;

5. Development and optimization of the media plan

In fact, the product itself that we will advertise with all its advantages and disadvantages must first be determined. But fortunately, this phase is hard to forget.

And with the purpose of the advertising campaign, it's usually trouble. Either they don't think about it or they're wrong or the limit is very general. In fact, in the design of the media plan, you need to understand that we're advertising a specific product or brand? The purpose of the advertising campaign is either to increase the sale of a particular product at a given time or to influence consumer attitudes towards stamps.

In the first case, we work with reason, in the second, with emotions. And the two things need to be treated differently. If you're told to increase sales and loyalty to the brand at the same time, it's a challenge for two promotional campaigns. Of course, any campaign, including a brand, as well as any sales image. But the target can only be one thing.

2. Selection of advertisements and host formats

Both depend on the goals of the advertising campaign. The table below shows what needs to be taken into account in selecting the sites and formats of the banners.

Objective of the campaign



The campaign

Budget coverage of maximum number of CA representatives

Involving as many interested visitors as possible on the advertising site within the budget

User characteristics

Qualitative creativity, size, high rate

Publicity, high response, low rate

Area characteristics (site)

The image of the site is important.

Only the cost of attracting an interested visitor to the advertising site is important.

- Imaging campaign:

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