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Advertising Media Plan

What do you think is a military and advertising campaign? At first glance, it's absolutely nothing, because advertising is strictly peaceful.

Still, there's one thing in common. Planning is also necessary for fighting and for successful publicity campaigns. And if we continue to analogy to military action, as well as the successful battle plan predetermines the directions of the strike of its forces, the mediating of advertising is to identify priority areas for advertising.

A lot of people think that meditation is an additional advertising service, and therefore they try to save it in a limited budget. On the one hand, it seems logical - consumers are not attracted to advertising media, they are attracted by advertising themselves. Why don't you save on the mediating of the advertising campaign and the money that was released would not spend on additional advertising?

But if you think about it, it's a discreet act. Today ' s media outlet offers many ways of implementing the advertising idea, and among this, it is vital to select the most effective advertisements. The effectiveness of a host will be very different from the case to the occasion, and therefore the task of choosing the best way to transmit your promotional message becomes relevant.

This is particularly important in the case of a limited advertising budget.

Medical planning is the key to your victory in the media war.

The cost of media planning is 5 per cent of the amount of the media plan.

The value of the advertising campaign depends on many factors:
  • Type of advertising;
  • Number of required material (banners, advertisements, etc.);
  • Promotional volumes (number of advertisements);
  • time for the concept and promotional materials.

The creation and implementation of an advertising campaign is equivalent to 10 per cent of the amount of the advertising campaign.

When ordered media campaignreports and analysts are free of charge.

Golden ad fever spread the world through the Great Depression. That was when agencies were established, which for decades were major orbits in space advertising, such as Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. And they had orders.

In 1954, David McKenzie... ♪

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