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Advertising Budget

It constantly monitors changes in the advertising market, using multiple marketing and sociologic research, ratings and others.

The Mediah-Melar determines how to maximize the benefits of each rouble in advertising, selecting television and radio programmes, in which wheels and modules will work most effectively.

The position of the media planner is mainly in advertising companies, as the work of the incumbent is directly related to advertising projects. More and more companies use the services of a media planner. It is this expert who, in assessing the ratings of the various media, will make recommendations on the distribution of finance. He's very familiar with the technical capabilities of television and radio channels, the types of press. Knows the rules for buying air time and advertising, the principles of pricing and discounting. He can use the social studies of the media audience. It's a sociologist, a marquetologist, a manager and a psychologist in one person.

Invisible managers consider the services of a media planner to be expensive and unnecessary, which only large firms can afford. In fact, on the contrary, the modest advertising budget, the more efficient the money has to be used.

The planner is planning, evaluating the advertising performance of various advertisers, allocating the advertising budget in accordance with the advertising plan. The use of high-profile media planner knowledge allows employers not only to conduct effective advertising campaigns but also to save up to 30 per cent of the advertising budget.

Competences (or what should be done by copper, planets):

To develop and implement: strategic advertising planning campaigns and promotional activities in general; quality implementation of advertisements by clients; preparation of promotional projects, optimization of them; analysis of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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