1.5. медиаплан

What A Media Plan Looks Like

Medical strategies

The following questions can be addressed to the media:

• The required volume of the audience covered
• frequency of contact with advertising
:: Choice of the media and their interaction in the advertising company
• Period Advertising company
• Presentation format

Questions relating to the media strategy can also be presented as a scheme:

The first task of the media strategy is to determine the effective frequency with which the target audience should be covered

Definition of effective coverage

In 1970, a number of studies were carried out aimed at understanding the impact of advertising on the audience, finding a communication threshold, the concept of which was intended to require a certain level of contact in order to generate brand knowledge and attract consumer attention. This seems to be all the more obvious given that advertising is entering into a competitive environment that creates sham, interference with perceptions. The studies mentioned, and especially the C. McDonald study, have led to the emergence of a " S is a model " response curve for advertising, which showed a significant increase in response as a result of a certain contact (in the schedule given after the second and third contacts) with an advertisement. In addition, three areas were identified in the curve: the knowledge area of the first contact; followed the area of action caused by an advertisement; and the latter was defined as a saturation zone where the advertisement almost did not increase the result of brand knowledge or consumption.

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