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Mediaplan Oo

GS Nutrition Culture requires Art Management.
Candidate requirements:
Profile education. Work experience is desirable for at least a year.
Art manager should know:
- Key regulatory instruments governing the enterprise;
advertising legislationconsumer protection, copyright and related rights, business activities;
- Market conditions for the delivery of business services;
- Theory and practice of advertising and management; principles of advertising;
- the basis of interpersonal communication and ethics;
- knowledge of the graphic editors ' programmes;
professional terminology;
forms and rules for reporting and internal documentation;
♪ Marketing plan;
Monthly provision and implementation of the media plan;
- SMM-marketing, content management, Event-management;
♪ Organization of high-level meetings and negotiations;
♪ Design-maket design;
♪ Document management, timeliness and full reporting;
Conditions of work: A friendly team requires a creative and robust Art Manager. Work schedule: 5x2, Z/p= 10000+% salary. Telephone interview: 1. Call from 1:00 to 7:00.
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