Печать медиаплана

Mediaplan Form

Mendgement is work by someone else's hands. The main course of action by the head is to issue assignments and assignments with a follow-up check, which has been done.

In fact, assignments are not always performed by employees. Some companies are experiencing a real default crisis. As in "Life to Monday," "I'm telling them, don't lie the mirror to the party and they're lying!

Why doesn't the subordinate perform the command assignments?

  • It doesn't make sense that it's the quest and it's the ER.
  • I don't know what to do.
  • The challenge among its priorities puts it on the longest shelf.
  • He just doesn't want to do it, and he's making a big deal of it, hoping he'll forget and carry out (as often happens).

Just an example. The head of the Advertising Division is thinking: " Andrey, we need to find out what we have this year with exhibitions. " In a week, the question of what are the exhibits? The warden thinks he's given a mission, and the subordinate is that it's just thoughts out loud that don't have a special relationship with him. He's so comfortable!

It's easy to fix if you use simple rules. We need to make sure:

  • The defendant realized what, like and when he had to do.
  • Couldn't be afraid I was busy with other things.
  • I'm sure he'll be asked at the right moment, and it's important for him to be positive.

So, we're putting the defendant in four strokes:

1. Make the task clear and specific.In the example of the exhibitions, this would have been as follows:"Andrey, we Prepare a media plan.♪ Please see what exhibitions on our profile are planned in Moscow for the coming year, make a summary and offer us what we should be involved. "

2. Motivate the defendant to perform.This isn't about extra pay! The real motivation is always intangible. Reintroducing is a good way to set the target among the employee ' s personal and business priorities.

There's a lot of ways to do that, everything depends on man and situation. If he's experienced and reliable, you can say, "You know everything and you can, no one can do it! If, on the contrary, it's a start-up, and it's not very clear: “This is a serious and important task. You should learn. If you don't understand, come and ask. "

As they say, if you want it done, give it to a busy man. Inquire about what the worker is doing now, and correctly indicate where he is. We can put something on hold, move, cancel, override.

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