How To Write A Media Plan

You're gonna need to compile a list of all the queries that lead a potential client to show your announcements. Service Yandex. Wardstat will help select the most popular language requests. The list should be supplemented by associated requests, requests containing synonyms, requests for transliteration and errors. This is necessary to expand the range of the show and reduce the cost of the click. Associated queries will find the same Yandex. Wardstat. With the help of the operator, this service will determine the frequency of a phrase, and we will be able to clean up the list. Further, the word " word " should be determined and put in place so that the budget would be spent only on representatives of the target audience. To high- and medium-frequency requests, it is necessary to add phrases in exact line (in quotes). As the campaign progresses, you can always remove, adjust and tremble. If you're strictly budgeted, it makes sense to start. low-frequency requestsbecause they are more successful. If there is a need for mass coverage, it is worth starting with high-frequency requests.

2. Make a media plan.

A medical plan is needed to understand which positions will be announced upon request, and what advertising budget I'll need a campaign. Budget Prognosis in Yandex. The director will help me draw up a media plan. By clarifying the advertising area, add key words and press the count button. The service will give you an average monthly budget, a forecast of transition, a CTR and a show. Such a forecast should be made for the maximum activity period at the highest rates. It needs to be done for all keys in all three positions that the interface offers. All data should be kept in Excel. On some requests, Yandex. The director gives a zero forecast of the performances a month, but they're also needed in the media plan. Most often these are low-frequency high conversion requests. They are well placed in special facilities or guaranteed evidence. Here, in Excel, we put in a formula for assessing the effectiveness of the posting performance on a certain keyword in a particular position:

Efficiency = P2/B

where is the result, he's the clips for each key in a certain position,

B is a budget on this key at a certain position.

We further classify the highest performance for each key. Accordingly, we shall give a position on the performance indicators. This is a media plan that clearly shows the keys of the announcements to be displayed in the special units and the " guarantors " and which will be launched into the " dynamic " .

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