How To Make A Media Plan

Have you decided to launch an online advertising campaign?
And you ran into a lot of questions. Where? And when do you put it? Where do we start?
The most. The first and correct step will be the preparation of a media plan.which will help us and you answer all these questions.

But what's a media plan?

The campaign media plan is a document with a very clear schedule. advertisements On the Internet.
Mediaplan is usually produced for advertising such as contextual and media.
Mediaplan is a war plan, so you don't think anyone can handle it. One mistake could lead to the collapse of the campaign. The graphic media plan will answer questions - the whole campaign, the budget, where and when to place, how often to house, what audience.
If you agree, a man with no experience, I don't think you can help.
In order to better understand how the media plan is right, we will stop at some points that need to be taken into account in its formulation.

  1. Products need to be detailedwhich you plan to advertise - for what it is necessary - the price of similar goods or services, the difference or the advantage of similar competitors. The more product information you tell me, the better.
  2. A description of the target audience is another important point.
    Knowing the target, you and I will be easier to understand how and where to advertise your product or service.
    The audit may be indicated by:
    ♪ Social and demographic characteristics (sex, age, social and material situation)
    ♪ Consumer preferences (e.g. who only drinks green tea with jasmine)
    ♪ On motivation (why is the client buying this particular product)
    ♪ In the lifestyle (who travel to another country stays in hotels not below 5 stars).
    If, in order to achieve the result, you describe several non-separate groups, it is better to work directly with several task forces.
  3. The campaign area. Probably the simplest question. You must know the region where the sales are planned.
  4. Time for the campaign. You can't figure out the timing of the campaign? A month? A week?
    Advertising campaigns are best launched during the so-called sales season. The only thing that needs to be warned is that when the first campaign starts, you don't have to wait for the momental result. Don't make quick conclusions about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, just patience.
  5. Campaign budget. It's better if the budget is given, but if you haven't got a budget, it's not a problem. In this case, the media plan will have an optimal budget for your promotional campaign, which can then change. It depends on your goals and capabilities.
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