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Продвижение мобильных приложений: метрики успеха в Google AnalyticsThe mobile application removes the question of the use of the user in searching for the product or services on the desctop, and the possibility of living literally with the user 24 hours a day, as close as possible to him, in the heart of his gadget. But when the developer has a mobile application, a business process, and even a media plan to move, there is a logical question: " How to track efficiency? " and not less important: " How to use the metrics? " .

In this post, we will answer the second question.

How do you feel about setting up a mobile application training system? Clients applying to Netpeak to promote their app (under [PPC 2.0]) are often asked.Отчет «Карта поведения» Well, the simplest way is to work with Google Analytics.

Five very important arguments for working with Google Analytics:

  1. Free.
  2. It allows for the use of remarking to keep the audience.
  3. Simply implemented with Google Tag Manager.
  4. An accessible and understandable interface.
  5. Lets build a cross-deweise analyst.

Метрики, которые показывают взаимодействие пользователя с приложениемReal-time active users

Stop on the metrics that show the audience's behaviour, the user's interaction with the annex and, of course, the profits from the application.


MAU/DAU (monthly active users / daily active users) is shown in GA in the Report " Active Users " . The tag shows the frequency of user interaction with the annex. She's still on the bet, but she's working.Показывают деньги It is possible to compare activity per day (DAU), week, 14 days and month (MAU).

Map of conduct

The report shows how the user interacts with your content. Let me see what screen he leaves the annex or what section is most popular in your annex.

Metrika " Breaks and mistakes "

" Failures and errors " is the Bahamas report in the annex. Shows the most frequent technical errors, grouping the versions in the annex. This metrology was found in this section because malfunctions are detected with certain user behaviour. In Google Analytics, the report is also under " The conduct of the audience " .

Average duration of session and depth of view

These are reports from the audit section, which assess user involvement in your product.

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