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Alshan Mediaplan

Delivery 7.1.1 Governance structure, principled schema and model media plan for the political association in the campaign


(Olshansky D. V. Political R1*- SPB, 2003, pp. 271-280.)


"Trap points."

General objective


Duration of the structure

Subject of impact

Private challenges

Description of policy algorithm and structure of advertising policy

1. Preparatory operating regime: prior political campaign

Stage one: "What?" and "Why?"

Stage two: "What?" and "How?"

"What?" and "Why?"

Stage 4: "What?" and "Why?"

2. "God" mode of operation: "threatening" part of the political campaign

1st stage

2 stages

3 stages

4 stages

Institutional forms of political advertising

Main tasks of the functional divisions of the structure

Intelligence and Counterintelligence Division

Division of Analysis and Performance

Implementation Division

Base workplan for headquarters

Main inputs

Main phases of the campaign

Main organizational tasks

Main promotional activities

Main objective

Model weekly model

Weekly Media Unit

Press: Minimum and maximum task

Radio: Minimum and maximum

Television: Target Minimum and Target Maxim

Additional tasks

General objective: To create an effective, popularly sensitive image of the political alliance and its main leaders in a mass consciousness to ensure the largest possible number of votes in favour of the Collective in elections.

Target: To establish an optimum structure for the management and targeting of advertising political activities.

The mid-June configuration is the day of voting in mid-December.

Subject: The electorate and its task forces.

Private objectives: A cycle of four private tasks is being undertaken to achieve the overall objective and to meet the target:

Analysis of the situation;

Development of a set of impact activities;

:: Implementation of activities;

• Evaluation of results and return to the first challenge at the new level.

Description of the fundamental algorithm

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