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Marketing Strategies

Структура комплекса маркетинговых коммуникацийMarketing strategies

Marketing communications are activities that provide information on the product or its manufacturer to the end-users of the product.

In order to make efficient use of market-based communications, economic operators pre-eminently shape communication programmes and select appropriate strategies that set their goals and targets, identify target audiences and their desired response, select marketing channels, establish a communications marketing programme budget and evaluate their results.

Communication strategies are developed within the framework of a communication mix. One of the options is presented in rice. 1.4.5.

Rhys. 1.4.5. Structure of marketing communications[1]

This scheme reflects the systematization of communication concerning the product: its development, creation, promotion of buyers. It needs to be complemented by a group of communications that reflect sponsorship, as a very disturbed channel and mode of communication in Russia in recent years, as well as a " propaganda " block that reflects the interaction of producers of goods and services with authorities and businesses.

Marketing communications are very diverse, in particular, divided into symbolic and direct communication (Figure 1.4.6).

Rhys. 1.4.6. Diversity of marketing communications in the modern economy[2]

This approach reflects the process of communicating with customers, on the one hand, through situations in which the goods are either really sold or essentially not offered in their physical condition, and is advertised accordingly, recommended for purchase, explained the quality of the goods, possible result in use, etc. On the other hand, this approach reflects the communication that is predetermined by the product itself, its properties, its design, etc.

This perception of the structure of marketing communications is consistent with the virtually non-exhaustive variations of their typologies, directions of development, reflection opportunities in various fields of scientific knowledge, including outside the economy.

Policy development marketing Companies operating in different industries and sectors need to take into account the following characteristics of their formation and development.

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