Маркетинговый план для бизнеса

How To Draw Up A Marketing Plan As An Example

marketing-plan-structureSuggest a ready check that you can make a ready marketing plan from scratch. The article details the structure and lists the main sections and marketing plans. We will tell you in what sequence it is more convenient to produce a marketing plan, what elements of a marketing plan are mandatory, and what elements can sometimes be missed. We are confident that our checklist will be appropriate to protect the strategy for the promotion of any product, because it is an exhaustive list of important information on which key policy decisions are taken.

Marketing plan content

The charting plan has a fairly clear and logically structured structure, and its development is not a one-day process. You will need a lot of time to gather detailed information on consumers, to study market characteristics and conditions, to determine the competitive advantage of the product and a lot of other things. Prepare to process and synthesize many different facts, consider not one alternative to business development. Don't be afraid to spend time analysing different policy options.

Average quality marketing plan may take between 1 and 3 months (depending on the size of the business and the number of product groups in the company portfolio). And if marketing planning is to deal with current issues at the same time, put a minimum of 2 to 4 months into the process. 50 per cent of this time you're going to collect information, 40 per cent for analysis and consideration of alternatives, and only 10 per cent for the marketing plan itself.

The structure of the standard marketing plan comprises 8 elements and is as follows:

What is Executive Summary

Executive Summary - Summary or summary of key marketing plans. This section of the marketing plan seeks to present the main findings, recommendations and objectives of the company over the next few years. This section you're filling up with the last one, but when you're presenting the marketing plan, you're starting from this section.

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