Рис. 2 Оценка эффективности

Evaluation Of Marketing Performance

Any marketing officer has any idea what a meditation is? Media planning - This is the choice of optimum channels for advertising to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. I mean, managing integrated marketing communications? Integrated marketing communications - process of transferring product information to target audiences through various marketing channels. The main areas of marketing include advertising, PR, marketing management, project management, etc., the company is an integral part of the work of each marketing specialist, and its planning - meditation - is a major undertaking on which successful marketing strategy depends.

There is, however, one issue that has been raised periodically with the heads of marketing divisions and the owners of companies at different levels and whose importance is difficult to overemphasize. ? How do you make advertising in a new year more effective than in the past? What tool is more money invested in, and which one is less?

These questions usually hang out in the air. Frequently, they do not have satisfactory answers, which could be based on figures rather than on assumptions.

We offer assistance in assessing the effectiveness of integrated communications, i.e. advertising (ATL), BTL, PR and promotion. Our proposed analysis of marketing activities, which are based on econometric modelling, will help to answer questions that are of interest to marketing, advertising and first-person companies, and most importantly, to predict future advertising periods. A forecast that will significantly improve marketing efficiency (up to 20%).

The methodology we use is based on the econometric analysis of historical data. This methodology allows for a mathematical model of integrated communication efficiency based on historical values and analysis of data variations (deviations from normal value) through special software. The methodology is based on regression analysis.

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