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Virus Advertisements Online

Virus marketing - The general title of the various methods of dissemination of advertising, which are characterized by spreading in progress close to the geometric, where the principal distributor is the recipients themselves, by creating a content that can attract new recipients of information through a bright, creative, unusual idea or through a natural or trusted message.

  1. In the “do-Internet” era, methods such as “sarafan radio” were used, through personal communications, focus groups, press advertisements, television, etc.
  2. Marketing Equipmentusing existing social networks to raise awareness of brand/touar/services,
  3. Methodological principles typical of e-mail-marketing, which are based on the individual ' s encouragement to transfer marketing messages to others, the potential for exponential growth in the impact of the message. Like viruses, such technologies use every opportunity to increase the number of messages sent. Viral motion can take a variety of forms - videos, photos, flush plays, a call from a video (WOW-call), even a simple text (e.g. anecdotes).

Because the majority of the population has a low level of confidence in advertising in general, and especially from the producing company, the main principle of viral marketing is that the person receiving the information message must be confident that it comes from an uninterested person, for example, from a familiar or unfamiliar, but in no case from an ad campaign. For example, a person is willing to hear positive feedback from a “living person” on the goods and is likely to buy it. And vice versa: Seeing advertising The role of this product, he ignores it because it is widely felt that advertising is decoupling the quality of the product.

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