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Media Ads Online

Medium advertising (banner advertising) is one of the most effective and perhaps the most well-known online marketing tool to achieve the goals of increasing brand popularity, increasing site attendance, which means the level of sales and ultimately the profits of your company.

The following tasks can be accomplished through media advertising:

  • Enhancing knowledge and popularity of brands, websites, specific goods or services;
  • - Engaging potential buyers;
  • - to inform the target audience of proposals, shares, discounts;
  • - New entry into the market;
  • - increasing the availability of Internet resources.

It's important to understand what place Internet media advertising occupies among other promotional instruments, how organic it fits into today ' s marketing space, how does it relate to search optimization, context advertising, social media promotion?

The appearance of the Yandex commercial product, a context media advertisement, led to a small coup on the Internet market. It combines the main advantages of contextual and media advertisements and organizes a banner on web-based thematic pages, as well as search pages, based on a search request.

Why is this banner ad option called contextual? Because the advertisement is seen only by users interested in a product advertised or branded, or by representatives of cities and regions that will indicate the advertiser.

The main media advertisements include graphical and flash banners, as well as interactive formats: TopLine, which is located above the main page content, Rich-Media (grounds opening up the site), Pop-Under (relama that appears in the new browser window) and others.

In general, media advertisements are posted on known and visited sites:

  • In search systems (in the form of a graphic banner on the main page of the Yandex or in the form of a context tunnel near the search results);
  • - News and information resources (RBK, Gazeta.ru);
  • - in popular social networks (Schools, Connect, Journal).
So what distinctive features of media banner advertising make it particularly effective:
  • - Advertisement is focused on target audiences, the display of the banner can be regulated in the fields, regions, time and other parameters;
  • - The ad host will be displayed only interested usersin accordance with their search requests;
  • - The cost of media advertisements allows many tasks to be performed in the right way, Not so much money
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