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Internet Price Declarations

Контакты по сайтуLike any other instrument, a good result in the right approach. By launching an Internet advertisement, you are guaranteed:

  1. High advertising efficiency
  2. User rapid feedback
  3. The ability to manage the size/dimension of target audiences from small groups to the maximum target.
  4. Flexible instruments for measuring performance
  5. Low cost of contact with potential client.

You can use these advantages using different advertising channels. Which advertising channels, and to what extent it depends on the scope, site and competitive environment.
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Internet workshops

Our company offers the following types of Internet advertising for your business:

  1. Search promotion Internal and external work with the site, increasing its attractiveness to users and search systems.
    80% of users only check the first page on request, you'll be there!
    Moving is a long-term effect and a strong position in the issuance of search systems.
    But the first places don't guarantee the flow of customers.
    The medium user is searching the site 30 seconds and switching to another address. Our specialists will help ensure that the user finds everything necessary on your website.
    We are ready to make your site an effective business tool and attract new clients. And you?
  2. Contex ad. The director is an Internet relam based on the content of the announcement and the context of the Internet page on which it is broadcast. The Yandex Declaration. The director is an advertisement that attracts a user who is already interested in your product or service. 75% of Internet audiences - contextual audience Yandex Direkt♪ These are your potential clients.
  3. Medicine and banner advertising - An effective combination of media and context advertising. Big audience at minimum price.

Read an article on the theme: " What's your promotion of the website? In numbers. ♪ ♪ " .

Advertising questions?

Advise a specialist in the selection and placement of Internet advertisements with a maximum response, that is for your area of activity.

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