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Internet Declarations

This section provides a description of the Internet Recommendations or Internet advertisements (Internet Advertising), information on Internet relays, their designation, functions, characteristics and applications.

Internet (Internet) is a global system of integrated computer networks that serves as a physical basis for the World Wide Web, WWW and other data transmission systems. The word " Internet " is now more commonly understood than the physical network, but the World Wide Web, which forms a global information and communication space.

Internetor Internet advertising (Internet Advertising) includes various graphic and text advertisements posted on the Internet. The Internet-based reclama market began to be developed in the mid-1990s, but before the early 2000s, the Internet was not considered as a priority advertising platform, although some of them had already provided Internet support for their products and services. However, the rapid development of the World Wide Web and some features of the Internet workshops have led to a change in the policy of advertisers on the use of the Internet. Since the mid-2000s, the Internet has been seen as one of the main channels for consumer information. This is mainly due to the following factors: the continuous and sustained increase in the number and time of Internet users; the development of wireless technologies, mobile devices and mobile Internet; the development of the Internet economy and, above all, the wide dissemination of Internet trade; the development of technical platforms for Internet relay management and analytic systems that allow for rapid and accurate measurement of the effectiveness of Internet relays.

The Internet is now actively developing as an advertising channel. However, the basic principles and technologies of the Internet Reclams differ significantly from those of traditional media such as television, radio and the press. Thus, unlike television or radio, which are relatively passive media, the Internet requires active participation: nothing happens on the Internet until the user has acted. Real-time information exchange and feedback make the Internet an effective tool for advertising in terms of the quality of contact with the consumer.

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