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The advertising market in 2015 significantly reduced the development rate of the previous year, owing to the precarious economic situation in the country. The advertisers are trying to reduce the cost of all possible channels of user involvement on the site in order to save and retain the " float " business.

Despite its significant role contextual advertising Internet promotion, the increase in the share of this source is lower than in previous years. The lion ' s share of advertising budgets is advertised in Yandex, so it is best to consider optimizing advertising campaigns on this network. In the context structure of the Yandex.Direct, there are three main types of campaigns:

  1. Reclamation for search network
  2. Cluster recommendations
  3. Retriefing

Generally, the main share of the budget and the attention of advertisers is in advertising in the search network. The view has been expressed that it is the search campaign that leads to the site of the most loyal, interested in the purchase of users.

The impression created is not always justified and the search campaigns have several shortcomings:

  1. The high cost of involving a client. As the stereotyping of high efficiency is prevalent among many advertisers, competition in the search network is high. In order to appear on the first page of prospecting and higher positions, much has to be paid. The problem is particularly relevant for those whose business is directed towards millionaire cities and the price of the click can reach hundreds or thousands of roubles.
  2. A small list of web pages for advertising. Only search systems can show.
  3. The announcements are quite narrow. Only 5 per cent of Internet users can be accessed through search campaigns.

Many advertisers have significantly reduced advertising budgets since the end of 2014.

The optimization of search advertising does not significantly reduce the cost of user reversal. As a result, under a limited budget, the advertiser sees a decline in traffic on the site from this type of advertising. Consequently, the attendance of interested users is declining.

Remarking uses users who have previously visited the site. Their loyalty is therefore high enough. However, the creation of additional targets for the establishment of literate remarking lists is sometimes problematic and labour-intensive. However, the number of such users is small, the price of their turnover is high and new visitors cannot be attracted.

Compensating lost traffic on the site is possible through thematic advertising campaigns.

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