Убрать рекламу в Google Chrome

How To Remove The Ad From The Google

  1. 1. Browser launch report (virus). A starting page with an advertisement or an additional deposit with an unknown site with a shocking contents, etc., is being opened, with the installation of the browser itself in normal shape. ♪
  2. 2. Customary billboards on websites built in video. Cyds with a strong ad with floating windows closing down the required information, irritating clickers and panders. ♪
  3. 4. Other commercials in browsers. Viruses in the system, registry, etc.

1. How Remove the advertising. when the browser starts. Advertising virus

Frequently, viral software replaces the browser launch file, and the first thing you see is the ad site address.

The way to fight is to re-establish the label by deleting references to unnecessary sites in its properties, or creating a new clean label on the working table to launch the browser.

Example: by clicking the right button of mouse on the working table at the browser's label, and by selecting the menu of Yours, we'll open a window of label properties.

On the left, an example of an original file, on the right, a modified label to a chrome.exe file.

Remove the link or just create a label on the desk, clicking on the chrome.exe file on the right button, and selecting the "Send"-- "The Yarly to the desk."

Don't forget to remove the old label.

Usually Google Chrome is in the file:


This sort of solution is appropriate to any browser - Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer et al.

Example for Google Chrome: click on Nastroek's gauging key, then the Instructions.

Then the bottom of the screen is pressed "Extension" to go to the Internet storehouse Chrome.

Next, we're looking for an "adblock," we're clicking on the enlarged, we're squeezing a "+ Free" button, and in the "Fuck" window.

Once the flame is installed, most of the commercials will be blocked, and any banner who has passed protection can be added manually to the list. Plaguin removes text and media advertising on any website, including youtube, etc.

3. Remove advertising, plastics and superstructures.

We're re-establishing default browsers, including the starting page and search systems.

Utilita is as simple as possible and only cleans Google Chrome.
Once launched, it shall automatically scan the presence of specified additions, fixed superstructures and undesirable changes in the structure of the browser itself.

If all is clear, a message will be given proposing that all default settings be returned, otherwise offering to clean up the disease.

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