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How to free-of-charge VC
Today, in the Connect, we can see many communities of different themes and directions. How can your community become a popular and interesting large number of users? How do you get the band and get the subscribers? Let's try to figure it out.
How do you get the BC?
I can recommend online promotional services - Soclike. Innovating this resource is that all users involved are the real users of the WContact. Involvement is carried out by issuing invitations and advertising to your groups. The methodologies are used to take into account all possible criteria, ranging from the geography of subscribers, their sex, age to thematic content. Quantitative, fast, and the most important thing is safe. Be successful with the support of a team of professionals.
Types of communities
There are many communities, but three of their most popular species can be identified.
Trend. For such a community, there is a need for a modular theme that may be linked to any event, such as a new film, a computer game, etc.
Copist. Very simple. We need to find a popular group to date and to bury the entire content of her own personal community.
Bayan. It's a popular community. This could be, for example, horoscopes, interesting quotes, etc.
To inform and inform the community.
Each public or group has its structure. First thing you have to do, determine what exactly you want? How do you figure it out? I'll share my own experience. I am doing the following:
A lot of news reports with photos and pictures, I'm making public.
If the community is to maintain user-friendly communication, the team.
If it is difficult to determine, then the public and the group can be created by linking them to each other through references, references.
Your publicity will add:
More news (400 to 500 grand minimum);
A minimum of 10 thematic albums;
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