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Баннерная реклама в Google AdWords за 5 минутHey! Today, you and I will find one simple and easy way to test a unique instrument. AdWords - banner advertising♪ Banner advertising is commonly used in many different systems, but the most flexible and convenient way of marketing and creation is in the AdWords.

So, on the agenda:

  1. The basic principles of banner advertising.
  2. Set up a campaign to show the banners.
  3. Create an AdWords banner without a designer.

No. 1. What you need to know about banner commercials.

Баннерная реклама в жизниPeople have been accustomed to the banner ad format for a long time: in today ' s megapolis, it is difficult to find a place where billboards or signs are not hanging. People have developed anti-remote filters for a long time and it is difficult to obtain the results we need in such circumstances. That's why our banner should be made out of all the commercials, be a familiar user and be trustworthy.

We don't know how to make banners to raise the brand. Our main challenge is to get feedback from advertising as quickly as possible. Our ideal situation is to obtain the maximum CTR and Cv1, which will exceed the same standard ratios contextual advertising♪ It follows that our advertising should call for action.

пример хороших баннеров adwordsIt's best to start showing a banner on the remarketing list. As we dealt with the article " What is a remarking " , the list of users of our website is the warmest and most targeted audience. And getting a result on this targeting will be the simplest and most accessible task. But in that case, we must not forget the basic premise: the man must know us, but we must offer him a really good stock or offer to close the purchase.

So, in the simplest case, we get three basic rules:

  1. Advertising banners should be provided and matched by the expectations of our CA.
  2. Advertising banners should be called for action.
  3. Advertising banners should carry a concrete and delicious proposal.

Создание рекламной кампанииNo. 2. How to create the right campaign at AdWords

There is now a partial change in the CMS development interface in AdWords. I'll figure out a way to create a campaign in a new interface so you don't have to deal with it yourself. However, if your account is not involved in testing, you can set up a routine remarking campaign (for more details, we have dealt with this in the article " How to make the remarking work for you " ).

So we're building a new campaign for a context-media network:

  1. Call the campaign. Don't forget it's a banner campaign on the list of remarking.
  2. We're checking the designs in line with the scream.
  3. The marketing objective is " Selling " .
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