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Gang Chrom Blocking Advertising

The ad, of course, is the engine of trade. And yet, thanks to her, we can use almost all of the information that we have offered us in the end of the Internet. But sometimes this ad becomes too obsessive, and then it's time to find out about the possibility of blocking it, which has already been well established in a computer world. Today Advertising blocks is implemented through additional programmes that need to be installed in advance on their computer.

Adblock programme application

This is called special expansion for the Chrome browser. To establish it, we need to:

  • To enter the menu of the Instructions-Extension.
  • When a new deposit comes up, the reference to " Further expansion " is pressed into its lower part.
  • The search system should then be used, indicating the key to the " adblock " , the name of the annex.
  • When the app is found, we separate it and press the blue button + Free.
  • We're putting an app in line with all the questions.

Now there's a new badge in the right corner of your browser, a performance indicator for your application. He's gonna keep you informed of the work he's done, and he's gonna tell you how many floating ads have already been blocked. It has an additional menu for the development of the programme.

Adblock Plus

The installation of this annex is completely identical to that of the previous one, with only the difference that a dblock plus should be inserted in the search line. This annex may not only block advertising but also:

  • Remove the buttons of social networks that are blindfolded on some sites;
  • To block the dangerous possibility for the browser to enter the malnourished houses containing viruses;
  • disable the ability of different companies to track your behavior in the Network.
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