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Boxer For Google Chrome

If you have the latest version of Chrome/Chromium and an extension to block advertising like uBlock or AdBlock Plus, you might have noticed a strange change in the work of the blocker. After the latest update of Chrome/Chromium 45, youTube videos have re-enacted ads. At the beginning of some video clips, we're going to have to make up for up to three minutes.

A few days after the new version of the browser, the problem was discussed in the Chromium bug-tracker and on. It turns out that the bug touched all the ad lockers, and the locking went off not only on YouTube, but also on Spotify and some other sites.

Fortunately, the bass in the browser can easily be removed on its own.
The problem was in the new Web Request code, which Google's company has introduced into the browser in recent weeks. As a result, the browser begins to view the established annexes as YouTube and Spotify as extensions of the browser on which not subject to other extensionslike an ad locker.

To remedy the situation, youTube or Spotify should be removed from the list of assigned applications in the browser.

1. Open a new deposit.
2. Get chrome://apps in the target line.
3. Delete YouTube or Spotify.

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