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Как обеспечить непрерывный рост продаж товаров в интернет-магазинеThe fact that any visitors, whether they came or not, are very interesting and useful. The number of visitors is not important to the Internet store. And that's, on the one hand, pure truth. But on the other hand, let us think about the future and shape the future. positive image of your Internet store. Let's "leave" the buyer from any customer. with your hands.! Because if a man came to buy and even called, he'll buy it anyway. And we need to make every effort to buy it from you.

Let's start with the website. As in retail trade, user attention management is required.продвигай сайт и привлекай клиентов To that end, we're taking out the price grading of this function, of course, but by default, you're the one who's supposed to distort the goods and show the user exactly what you want to sell.

Don't make a visitor look for popular models. One key to the front page is where the goods you want to sell, and the customer should buy.

A professional commodity consultation, live communication with a literate consultant, the site ' s decommissioning on high-frequency topography, the director and marker form the company ' s positive image. The store is as good as it is. Even calling all the competitors and getting a lower price, some of the buyers are returning!

So I wouldn't call "primary law" the promotion of low-frequency. After all, your store is shaping the needs and wishes of a user who doesn't know what to buy. Only a clear site and live communication, even on the phone, can induce the user to buy the product he never even heard of!

And there's more than half of them. Most people are looking for a fridge in principle. They don't know the artics and the models, and our main purpose is to bring them to a high-frequency cell, make them call, find out what the visitor really wants and can buy, and then show them to the model and say "Briet is not wrong," "what the doctor wrote"... And eventually sell what you want to sell and what the buyer wants to buy.

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