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Sent-Peterburg External Advertising

With effect from 1 November 2015, a moratorium on the decommissioning of external advertising without existing accommodation contracts will cease in St. Petersburg. Some 10,000 structures in the middle of the city can be under demolition.

The war of authorities and advertising companies in St. Petersburg has continued for over 10 years. For all these years, advertisers have occasionally hit the nabat that the outdoor advertising market in the city is facing extinction. The authorities, in turn, threatened the demolition of advertising structures and tightened demands, but the balance of power was most likely to change.

The head of the Press and Media Relations Committee of St. Petersburg Sergey Seresleev reported that, as of 1 November 2015, the city ' s authorities intended to stop the moratorium on demolitions. illegal foreign advertisingthat they made with advertising companies a year ago. The Press Committee then agreed to leave only 532 advertisers in the northern capital and bring them to uniformity. It was for this to be the time for advertisers to enter into new contracts for advertising in accordance with the new regulations. But the owners of the billboards seem to waste this time.

While the Press Committee has been suing for the demolition of advertising structures throughout the year and has won trials. So far, there is only one trial -- the dismantling of 330 publicity structures of the Top Myzik GS. Following the victory in the process, the authorities intend to issue executive leaflets and to launch general dismantling. At the same time, the decommissioning of advertising is now significantly simplified. The amendments adopted a year ago oblige the owners of illegal advertising to perform the authorities ' assignment to demolish the construction within a month of its receipt. Dismantled by the perpetrator. Sergei Serezeleev believes that the dismantling of all the structures in the city will take about six months.

Most advertising facilities in Petersburg are now legally illegal, with almost all accommodation contracts completed in 2013. One year ago, Smolny approved a new outdoor advertising scheme in the city for 9,600 places. But there was no bidding because the advertisers did not set up the proposed spaces and their number. However, this year, the authorities are preparing to approve an advertisement scheme of only 500 places.

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