наружная реклама Иркутск

Irkutsk Outboard

Hello, dear friends! The Youth Parliament of the Irkut Region Legislative Assembly initiated the " I love Irkutsk " project.
ом Project Objective: To install a popular art target, a heart-to-hearted stew and a love-to-do I love Irkutsk in a popular place of youth visit. Such beds are established in many cities of the world, Russia and are a popular target among young people, urban residents and city guests. Of course, the importance of the installation of this stem will be one of the steps of the city ' s branding, as well as the stale and the follow-up of the ILUBLU IRCUTAC project, will contribute to the patriotization of young people and the establishment of a new patriot movement in support of their home town. The ILUBLU IRCUTSK area will be an interesting asset, a centre of attraction for young people, urban residents, guests, foreigners. The project is open to the participation of residents of Irkutska, public organizations, entrepreneurs of the city of Irkutsk, as well as all citizens of Russia and other countries who wish.
Each project, all the more expensive, requires funding to attract funds for the design, construction, installation of a small architectural form, ILUBL IRKUTSK, proposes several areas:
♪ Use the CrowdFanding mechanism.
- Support for Irkutska entrepreneurs.
To date, the following tasks have been accomplished:
цией The location of the stem is defined and agreed with the Irkutska City Administration and the Med Quarter Commercial and Distance Department. An agreement with the Mobile Quarter Administration on the donation of clinical services related to the ILUBL IRKUTSK. Place of installation: site of the Mobile Quarter Commercial and Distance Complex.
иейCompania external advertising(, ) I've developed a stack of ILUBLU IRKUTSK and a project estimate of 150,000 roubles is the best option.
ой Half of this project amount is collected.
The construction of an art-objection, "I'll take the IRCUTSK," and the prepayment.
We were supported by:
ительного Centre of Construction
Irkutsk City Administration
ного Sergei Fateevich Brink, President of the Irkut Region Legislative Assembly.
_ Every single person of his or her own life, we'll be able to keep you in charge of the public indigence of the Mobile PARLAMET!
We will thank you for your desire to help the project develop.
How can you help the project?
мOpr 1: The simplest way is to tell our friends about our project by reversing this recording!
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