Закон о наружной рекламе

Foreign Advertising Act

In the second and third reading, the State Duma adopted a law that strengthens oversight of the use external advertising♪ The liability of citizens and legal persons for violating advertising legislation is also increasing. Changes are proposed in the current version of the federal bill on advertising.

According to one of the co-sponsors of the initiative, vice-chair of the Viktor Zwagelski thematic committee, the law was designed to follow up on the decisions taken at the meeting of Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev of the 2011 municipality.

The Act aims to improve the contract procedure to install and operate advertising structures, facilitate the dismantling of illegal advertising structures and increase the liability of citizens and legal persons for violations of advertising legislation.

As noted by V. Zwagelski, a large number of advertisements have been installed and are operating illegally to date.

One of the major innovations proposed during the preparation of the second reading is that advertising is defined. An advertisement scheme will have to be tentatively agreed with the authorized executive body of the RF entity. Local governments have the right to determine the type of advertising that is acceptable or inadmissible in municipal education.

" These schemes are necessary for ordering outdoor advertising, which is particularly relevant in large cities. This is a serious tool that often leads to the chaotic placement of advertisements, which was highlighted by V. Zwagelski during the plenary.

However, the third reading law does not explicitly prohibit advertising on the walls and roofs of buildings, stop public transport, pavements and carriageways, as was the first reading document.

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