изготовление объемных букв без

Exterior Advertising

One of the most brominated and visible advertisements and information bearers is the voluminous letters that have already become an intrinsic attribute of megapolis. With relatively small costs, advertisements or trade names can be produced, which will not go unnoticed and quickly purchase financial investments.

PCJMP has been working in the field for six years. Foreign advertisingand judging by the volume of our orders, it's this type of advertisements - the manufacture of divine letters, that's the dominant position in the market.

Specialities and benefits

The production of bulk lights can be seen as an alternative to light boxes and a better replacement of massive advertising. These are separate elements that are much more compact, mobile, lighter and simpler in the installation. Elements of inscriptions and logo can be mounted on any surface, including by welding carcass, and may be used not only in the outside but also in the inter-referencing.

Different materials are used in the production of capital letters, which enables effective advertisements with exclusive design. The variation of the appearance allows for the variation of the colours and palettes, and the use of the lights ensures visual visibility at night and evening.

Materials used in the manufacturing of capital letters

Our company is professionally involved in the manufacture of volume letters for all types of materials. One of the most popular materials is PVC-plastics, which allows for the manufacture of both inter- and external advertisements. It's a low-cost technology, so affordable to companies with a modest budget. The foam is also used, which, like the plastic, is an economical option for manufacturers and customers.

The acrylic glazing is a material capable of missing or dispersing the inner lighting and giving the advertiser a status appearance. If external advertising is planned on the roof where the display will be subjected to high wind and atmospheric loads, reinforced PVC plastics 10-20mm thick, stainless steel or aluminium shall be used.

In our company, you can order the numerical letters of any type and size, choosing the material and the way it is processed according to the objectives and requirements of each customer. Outdoor advertising by our specialists is decimating many dining facilities: shopping centres, catering facilities, exhibition complexes, office and administrative buildings

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