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Study Of The Efficiency Of Advertising Companies

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Exploring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and various approaches to promoting products into the consumer market is the focus of the activities of consumer psychologists. The simple thing is to ask people how they respond to advertising. Do they have a desire to buy an advertised product? Do they believe in advertising? Which of the two commercials of the same product seems more interesting to them? It is important that respondents be a representative sample of the part of the population for which the product is advertised. It is unlikely that useful results can be expected if, through pre-testing child meals, single men and elderly women are interviewed.

Facilitation of reminders♪ The most popular way to detect advertising efficiency - The method of facilitating the memory used to determine to what extent a person can remember its content.

Usually the following day, after advertising appears in a magazine or broadcasts on radio or television, a group of consumers asked whether they had read the magazine, whether they had listened to the radio or saw a television programme in which the advertisement was broadcast. If there's a positive answer, they're asked to tell her everything they can remember. In order to facilitate the recollection process, the interviewer asks them questions. But even if a man remembers the contents of the ad well, it doesn't mean he's willing to buy what he advertises.

Recognition. The second way to detect the effectiveness of advertising is to recognize it. People who read the magazine or saw the television program are making copies of the commercial and asking questions about it.

Did consumers recognize the ad and remember where they saw it? Remember the name of the product? Do you understand the content of the ad? Unfortunately, people might say they saw the ad, even if they didn't actually see it. When researchers showed respondents copies of advertisements that had not yet appeared in the media, some believed that they had been seen. Comparison of two methods (referencing and learning) suggests that learning is a more sensitive tool for measuring the level of television advertisements.

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