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Radio Advertising Efficiency

The effectiveness of this type of advertisement as a radio advertisement can be achieved by looking at such numbers. The reach of the audience can be up to 85 per cent of the total population and different sections of the population in a given region. In the general advertising budget, the cost of advertising on radio may be between 5 and 10 per cent, which is not such a large indicator. According to data provided by statistical agencies, radio advertising on popularity and efficiency is the second highest in all other forms of advertising. She's the one who gets to the most employed listeners who can never watch TV or read newspapers. For example, nobody reads driving, doesn't watch the news channel and the movies. The optimum solution to any situation is always radio - it sounds unobsessive, both entertaining and transmitting important information. Therefore, with regard to the effectiveness of advertising on radio, it is primarily due to the breadth of its coverage.
In terms of efficiency, advertising on the radio is compared with advertising on television as follows. 60 minutes of radio advertising are 78 per cent of the 30-second performance of a television screen. And the cost of the radio is less than six times!

When advertising agencies develop an advertisement for the radio station, they are guided by the following rules to enhance its effectiveness:

  • Advertising messages must be accessible and simple enough to be understood by people of all categories. The studies carried out in the analysis of the target audience include the determination of the average intellectual level of the group. Advertising levels should be 10 points lower than IQ to be well understood.
  • The advertisement should be remembered by itself, easily and unintentionally. The listener should not make any effort or think about what he wanted to say. The performance of the advertisement will be high if the listener can catch the words said in 58 seconds;
  • The tape should make the listener's imagination work. In his mind, there must be paint images and even odours of the product, then advertising will have the desired effect;
  • Advertising efficiency can be enhanced if people with high ratings are involved. ♪ ♪
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