How To Make An Effective Commercial

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1. For your commercial to be spotted, it takes an idea, not a simple, but a good, good idea. It's not gonna happen, and your ad stays unnoticed, doesn't work.

2. The advertisements are very important, but more importantly the rationale, the argumentation. The development of any advertisement begins with its rationale or, more accurately, the rationale and then the development.

3. Relevance is a major factor in the choice of argumentation. Good arguments (if relevant) may be the quality of the goods, the price, fast delivery, safety in operation.

4. You're advertising a new product. That's the only time he's gonna be, so you have to report his appearance loudly and clearly, without a hug. Everything that's really new in the product needs to be pointed out. What's the news, novel? - What readers don't know yet.

5. What's the consumer's question that just met your ad? - How much would that cost? If possible, indicate value of advertising The goods.

6. The useful qualities of your product can only be fully understood by a specialist or by yourself, but not necessarily by the consumer. So don't be shy about the obvious. Show me the merchandise in action, tell me how to use it, show me what place it can take in people's lives.

7. Think of how to put the name of your product into the consumer's consciousness. It should be kept in mind, so don't be afraid of repetition.

8. Don't exaggerate, don't grab your product, the consumer is always skeptical and can turn your back.

9. In order to be successful, the advertising campaign must follow a single advertisement and image that will remain unchanged for years. This is the only way to create the effects of the Snowcom.


♪ On average, the heading is five times more frequent than the text.

♪ If the heading contains quotation and is given in quotations, its memorial is increased by 28 per cent.

The titles can be divided by:

- those that point to the advantage of the goods;

- those with news or anon;

- the ones who awaken curiosity.

The best headings contain both.


Photos are preferable to drawings. They're more reliable, better remembered, more interesting.

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