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Evaluation Of Company Advertising Performance

Организационные подходы к оценке эффективности рекламной кампанииThe diverse ads have come to life of modern society. It serves as a means of communication between the producer and the consumer. From the advertisement, the prospective buyer may know that there is a new or necessary product, as well as the place where the goods can be purchased or the company that manufactures it.

The Declaration is not only an information function but also a novel breeder, stimulates and supports demand for goods. It promotes a positive image of a company offering its goods and services to the consumer. The problem of assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is a major challenge to theoretics and advertising practitioners.

The impact of advertising on marketing is intermediary, as it depends largely on changes in the behaviour of the target population, influenced by socio-psychological factors. Therefore, the notion of efficiency of advertising not only burns out of an economic dimension but also communications. The choice of the method of advertising efficiency study depends on the purpose of communication.

Communicative effectiveness can be measured by assessing the degree of psychological social impact that the advertising campaign has had on the target audience. Communication study efficiency of advertising The campaign provides an opportunity to improve the quality of content and forms of advertising. Economic (trade) efficiency is measured on the basis of post-communication sales.

Economic effectiveness of the advertising campaign

Statistics and accounting data on trade growth are the main material for analysing the cost-effectiveness of company advertising. On the basis of these data, the cost-effectiveness of one advertising tool, an advertising campaign and all advertising activities of the firm as a whole can be investigated.

Measuring the cost-effectiveness of advertising is very difficult, as advertising tends not to. ♪

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