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Assess The Efficiency Of The Advertising Company

The advertising campaign can be divided on various grounds:

at the advertising facility:

  • Goods;
  • Services;
  • The company itself;


  • Removing the advertising company (promoting new goods and services into the market);
  • Approval advertising company (engineering);
  • resembling advertising company;

By territorial scope:

  • Local advertising companies;
  • Regional advertising companies;
  • National advertising companies;
  • Federal advertising companies;
  • Global advertising companies;

Intensities of exposure:

  • Regular (provide the equal distribution of advertising over time);
  • Accelerating (reinforced by increased publicity for audiences);
  • Lower (time exposure decreases).

It is recommended that advertising campaigns be planned in the following sequence:

  • Marketing analysis.
  • Determine the goals of the advertising campaign.
  • Definition of target audience.
  • Determining the advertising budget.
  • Determining advertising.
  • Create an advertisement.
  • Evaluation of results.

The marketing budget is usually 1. .5 per cent of expected or achieved sales, or 10.25 per cent of profits.

It is virtually impossible to determine the effectiveness of individual advertising and advertising tools in general. However, the approximate calculations justify themselves.

There are two fundamentally different types of efficiency in advertising:

1. Psychological impact is the extent to which advertising affects human beings, i.e. assessing consumer attention, advertising resemblance, advertising influences on purchase motives, etc.

There are three main methods of psychological impact assessment:

  • Survey;
  • Monitoring;
  • experiment (e.g. focus group).

2. Economic efficiency is the economic result of advertising or advertising. Statistical and accounting data are the main method for analysing economic efficiency.

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