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How to prevent the most common errors on Internet market

The promotion of goods and services via the Internet is a technological and affordable way to increase sales. Indeed, many companies and entrepreneurs believe that this task is enough to assign to professionals, and the result will not make them wait. The experience of our work shows that without changing business procedures within the company, no advertising budgets will help raise sales in the long term.

1. No understanding of the ultimate goal

Generally, communication with a potential client starts with the question: " What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve? " We often hear the answer: “Site in search of renditions”. Naturally, such a desire lies on the surface, but in itself cannot be an objective, so we know what the client really wants to move, and eventually we're going to have to increase the sales of his goods or services. Very often, the incorrect purpose is that people are involved in online labelling in the company, nothing in this area, for example, a system administrator or a PR manager. The owner is tasked with increasing the site ' s attendance, and they are trying to implement it. Sometimes without a meeting with the owner, it is impossible to learn about the ultimate goal.

2. One commercial is not enough

Many customers believe that it is enough to start a publicity campaign with a professional agency to increase the number of orders. That's not true. In order to increase sales, it is necessary to work in an integrated manner and, above all, to be ready to increase the number of orders. Once upon a time, we were approached by a builder, whose purpose was to increase the number of apartments sold. Having studied the client's business, we have determined that, in addition to involving users on the site, it is necessary to expand sales managers or to connect the external call centre as the first line of communication with potential clients. If not done, as a result advertising campaign There's gonna be a lot of missing calls, which means we're gonna waste time and power and the client's money. In addition, this will have a negative impact on the client ' s reputation, because the unprocessed order is worse than unattracted. Unfortunately, these arguments didn't convince the client, he refused to expand the state, and we refused to work with him to avoid ruining his carma.

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