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Advertising Company Efficiency

Principles of effective advertising:
♪ The advertisement should be part of the company ' s general marketing and communication strategy.
♪ The advertisement should be part of the company ' s Integrated Marketing Communications.
♪ The advertisements should enhance the image and reputation of the company.
♪ The ads must be qualitative. Promotional campaigns take into account the following parameters:
- Conformity of target audience.
The choice of the most appropriate medicinals and mediators.
- Development of a creative idea.
- the quality of advertising.
- Location control.
♪ The message should not be blurted in the use of various mediaians and mediators, taking into account the technical and communication characteristics of each medicinal and mediator.
♪ Make detailed meditation. This will make the management of the advertising campaign more visible, help monitor the distribution of the advertising budget and further assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
♪ It is important to explore communication and advertising strategies for competition. The " right-wing " from competitiveness will enhance the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
♪ Check out the advertising results. Determine the most effective advertising source.
♪ Be prepared to respond to publicity (as for example: the advertised product should be placed on the trade network; the telephone that is advertised should be accessible; the personnel who respond to calls or communicate with target audiences should be directly aware of the introduction of new services, etc.).
Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the advertising campaign (The evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is complex, requiring specialized research and therefore additional financial costs. It is advisable to regularly assess the whole company advertisinga comparative analysis can then be developed. Here... ♪

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