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Promotional Services

A graphically and professionally organized marketing campaign for the individual product is an effective way of promoting the trademark or enterprise as a whole in any market. Specialists on the YouDo platform are prepared to provide you with quality and low-cost services in the following areas:

  • Development of an advertising concept
  • Under-key marketing campaigns at all levels of complexity
  • Development of the trademark concept and its fundamental elements

How professionals work in advertising

In the first stage, prior to the development of a product or service marketing campaign, professionals are undertaking a comprehensive marketing study of your market segment. At this point, the objectives and objectives of advertising are defined, and a preliminary assessment of the results of the future marketing campaign of the product is made.

Advertising specialists, together with the customer, may audit previous campaigns that will make it possible to specify objectives and optimize the budget for the establishment and operation of the development of effective advertising promotion campaigns.

At the next stage, the YouDo platform master develops a strategic product development plan that includes:

  • Timeline for all promotional activities
  • Communication to target audience
  • List and justification of the media and campaign formats
  • Outreach plan
  • Follow-up of the project

If you order services to move your firm or product through YouDo platform, you won't have to control the performers. The implementers will report in detail on the implementation and results of each of the phases of the work.

Upon completion of the publicity campaign, advertisers analyse all data and, upon the request of the client, establish a follow-up package.

How to apply for five minutes.

In ordering you through the YouDo website, the master will contact you as soon as possible. Specialists who manage and accompany advertising projects will select for your enterprise the most effective option of optimizing the costs of advertising a separate product or service.

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