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Бизнесплан автосервиса

Opening and maintenance of vehicles

The number of owners of personal cars is steadily increasing, and this trend is taking place throughout the world, and in Russia, in particular, the growing number of motorists has naturally stimulated the development of business services for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. The demand for these services in the existing service is constantly stable, they need both the used machines and the most modern and sophisticated vehicles. Therefore, the idea of opening a service or a TT remains relevant, but for its successful organization and implementation, a sound business plan should be developed, the main objective of which would be to develop the best option for the organization of a car service intended for the maintenance of cars.

Russian market service

Автосервис с нуляThe development of the automobile maintenance market depends on the number of domestic motorists, it is worth noting that in the last couple of five years, our mother-in-law fleet has increased three times in the lowest estimates, and today ' s modern market structure includes:

  • Authorized auto-services specializing in only one specific mark of motor vehicles. It is not easy to enter this business because this market segment belongs to major official dealers and auto-producers themselves;
  • Network services with representation in different regions of the country. It is worth noting the prospects of this market segment, as analysts say that it is not sufficiently developed;
  • Single service providers with no formal accreditation but with sufficient popularity among auto-owners in view of the affordability of their services. In general, the prices of such services are lower than those of 20 to 30 per cent.
  • Individual car service providers whose services are difficult to describe as medium-sized or small-scale business and business in general, but Russian owners have workshop services - the Culibians are in demand.

A business plan for a service - opens a TT with a zero.

Perhaps the business plan of the van with the Nula can help you guide and organize your business.

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