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Many modern motorists and just searchers are literally admiring the American Tesla Model S, which has made mini-revolutions on the world automobile market by the ages of markers and engineers. Trends are that having an electric car in its line is now considered a good tone for all the world ' s leading car companies.

As early as the 1980s, the WAZ has produced a pilot group of electric machines based on the serial universalization of WAZ 2102. The first such machine with the 2102E index (hereinafter replaced by 21029) was built in 1976. The electric car from VAZ was a closed double-track van with gophreated flogs instead of back windows.

One of the early WAZ 2102E

In 1979, the State Commission approved a forward-looking development and recommended a car for a container. In 1980-1981, an industrial and experimental shipment (47 copies) of a preser car with a new symbol 2801 was issued. Unlike the early prototypes, the weight of nickel zinc batteries on this model was perceived by a non-substance body, and a built-in special aluminium frame. A hatch was located to access and maintain batteries at the rear right door. Another technical hatch was on the front, above the bumper (the bumper was used from WAZ-21011).

Breakfast car at Toliatti

Some of the machines remained in Toliatti, where they were used for postal and intra-navigational purposes, two copies of VAZ-2801 blue (without any different inscriptions) worked in 1983-1984 in the 34th Moskovian car. The main shipment of electric vehicles went to the Ukrainian SSR. Thus, a couple of electrophoons were working in the Zaporture at the Harant TV repair facility (with the relevant inscription on board), several more were seen in Kiev and Crimea.

A rare coloured photo from promotional booklet Avtoexport

2801 - Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition

The nickel zinc batteries of 380 kg have power under the hood, an electric motor of 25 kW (35 l.s). The range was well-deserved, even under modern measures of 130 km, with a truck of 320 kg able to develop a maximum speed of 87 km/h.

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