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Development Of Milk Advertising Company

In socialist countries, publicity plans are based on the main objectives of people ' s plans for domestic and foreign trade. Planned advertising enables it to be systematic, focused and effective.

The results of market research and advertising are reflected in advertising plans. Privacy advertising planning Activities are critically important in defining the main direction for advertising, choice of means and means of artistic production, taking into account the following main factors:

The volume, nature and trend of demand, taking into account conditions and public opinion;

Special features of the advertised product;

Provision for advertising;

the nature of the reasons for the buyer to acquire the goods.

Advertising plans are usually divided into two groups:

Prospective plans or plans for major publicity campaigns, which are prepared for a period of one year and more when new products are marketed;

Operational, or calendar, plans that are prepared for a quarter or six months for ongoing advertising.

The plan for promotional activities (perspective and operational) takes into account: advertising, product characteristics, indications of the availability of inputs needed for advertising, the amount of advertising, advertising time and, finally, advertising funds to be used.

Identifying the main objective, focus or strategy of the advertising campaign is complex and creative. Therefore, there can be no two more or less similar advertising campaigns. The advertising campaign for a new, not yet known product is fundamentally different from the advertising campaign for a known but somehow forgotten product.

The advertising campaign plays an important role, which consists of three elements: methods of communication to the consumer, frequency of events and content of advertising.

Determining the cost of advertising is a major issue in the preparation of advertising plans. There are several ways to define them. The first and perhaps the most right way is that... ♪

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