разработки нового бренда

Development Of A New Brand Of Advertising Company

The notion of brending for Stayfirst is constantly expanding. To be honest, we never thought that the creation of a company image was meant to create a new name or brand style. However, in the years of operation, the number of services provided by Stayfirst has increased considerably. It is now clear that branding is an integral part of the company ' s entire communications policy for both the consumer and the staff. We are beginning to work with the company to determine its position on the market, to understand what place it is in the consumer's mind. This knowledge enables us to set real challenges and develop tools to address them. In fact, the ideal branding process comprises five key procedures that result in a strong brand: brand audit, positioning and development strategies, brand development, and finally support for the image or brand management.

Brenda Audit

Analysis of the situation and prospects of branding

Positioning and strategy

Identification of the unique advantages of the brand and its strategy

Brenda development

Development of name, logo, brand-book brand-book

Launch of a new brand into the communications environment

Brand Management

Brain management at all stages of existence

Before we begin work on a brand, we are undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the current situation: we describe the company ' s position now in the consumer ' s consciousness, highlight possible advantages that may form the basis of positioning and development strategies, and develop approaches to creating a new brand. This work includes traditional work Marketing Analysis The ways and unique approaches that have emerged in Stayfirst over the years of work. We may not do anything new, but this set of measures makes it clear how to work to create a brand that is truly attractive to the consumer. In general, brand audit is an integral part of the work to create or transform a new brand, but in some cases such a service may be provided under an individual contract. Work will result in a study that includes a set of recommendations for the further development of the brand.

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