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Advertising Company Development

Online and the offline of the marketing of the product is accompanied by an advertising campaign that forms a new product in the eyes of its target audience. This is a reason enough to understand the importance of advance publicity strategies. The Engineering Centre is developing publicity campaigns for high-technology projects: programme products, mobile applications and other innovative products that are entering the market for the first time. The promotional campaign may include:

  • Analysis of competitive or similar advertising campaigns
  • Development of an overall online and offline campaign strategy
  • Development of a strategy for ad hoc or permanent advertising
  • Organization of participation in exhibitions
  • Development of advertising company ' s business style
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Media and contractors
In designing publicity campaigns, we focus on the client ' s tasks and capabilities, as well as on the experience of the best global projects, which allows for the most effective option of advertising. SEO-optimization The searching of the company or product site in Google, Yandex and other search services is an integral part of the advertising campaign. In addition to the fact that moving the site into search results today is an effective way of attracting clients and partners, the first sites of the site increase the value of the brand and company. The Engineering Centre offers services for SEO-optimization of sites of different uses, ranging from corporate resources to Internet stores. The pilots will analyse the current situation of the site in search networks, develop and implement a strategy for its optimization. In addition to SEO specialists, the Centre ' s team includes programmers, editors and web directors, which carry out all associated optimization. Crowdfunding-Campagne training Kraudfanding is a popular way of finalizing innovative projects at an early stage of development. This practice has been widely popular in the world, such sites as KickStarter and IndieGOGO have already given thousands of projects. The success of the cruise campaign depends directly on the quality of its preparation. This procedure has its rules and nuances that need to be taken into account so that the result meets or exceeds the expectations of the project team. On the basis of successful and unsuccessful experience with the launching of the cruise campaigns, the Engineering Centre is assisting in the preparation of projects for such activities on various sites. SMM Marketing in social media has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of companies and brands. SMM Engineering Centre services include the full range of necessary stages of successful SMM camping:
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