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Work In Context Advertising

Заметил ошибку? Выдели и нажми ctrl+enterIf you already have your website, you can easily earn it with the services of context advertising.

These services scan the contents of your website pages, and they're showing text announcements that fit the subject. This advertisement may, therefore, be of some benefit to visitors. Well, you get the money for the advertisements.

I mean, if your visitor's interested in a certain announcement and he's clicking on it, you're the one who's interested in it. Make it work. The money. So the more attendance on your website and the better the location of the announcement, the more the clicks. That's a simple scheme!

The price of the click may vary from 1 cent to a few dollars depending on the subject of your website. For example, real estate or finance is much more expensive than garden and garden. In the west, it was the most expensive click, $87, fun!

By the way, all these services have the opportunity to change the size of the announcements and their appearance, which makes it possible to find an optimal solution specifically for your website.

It's fun, so let's see what services give us this opportunity:


Google Adsense, in my view, is the most functional and solvent service of context advertising. First, there can be a site with any attendance, secondly, the widest variety of different advertising blocks, and thirdly, the announcements are quite thematic. The price of clicks and a large number of advertisers is also welcome.

The only minus is the payment of names checks. So, in order to get a baby, you're gonna have to wait 10 to 30 days while the check comes and 20 to 40 days for cash. But if you order payment every month, the delay is marked only at the first payment, and then you just get the money late (in December for October, in January for November and elsewhere).

Recently, it has been possible for Russian residents to take money through the RAPID system (postal translation). For two days, you have money in your pocket. That's why the money's on. contextual advertising With Adsens, it's more popular. To register the banner clicker below... ♪

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