Просмотр входящих в группу

Selection Of Key Words For Context Advertising

Загрузка списка поисковых запросов из табличного файлаIntermediate advertising in the search results of the Yandex and Google is shown in response to requests containing keywords that the advertiser selects. The selection process usually takes place in two stages:

  • Receipt of baseline data - a list of search requests from different sources and/or a list of verdstat Yandex;
  • Data analysis and the division of the list into key and excluded phrases. In response to queries with key phrases, advertisements need to be displayed; in response to debris, on the other hand, no need exists.

For example, you sell kitchen furniture. With the help of "Finding with words," you find all the queries with the word "cook," you're looking at the beginning of the list, and you're interested in the performances in response to the key words "diseine kitchen," but you don't need to show the announcements in response to the words "cook, "parage," "sson," "online."

kitchen in Paris949
The kitchen is Paris to watch online.770
kitchen watching online353
Watch the kitchen in the ferry.301
kitchen 3 season watch online261
Watch the kitchen.206
design of kitchens178
kitchen 3 season173

This separation is easy to complete until the original list is too large.Просмотр входящих в группу запросов и синтаксиса ключевых слов для их отбора If the number of lines on the list is measured by thousands, the normal look becomes impossible. We need some sort of automating work.

Click on the reference to go on a good list. Describe how he works.

Search requests - Separating the list to groups described by key words and references

The first step is to download the search list (Figure 1). For example, we'll take the same table where every request contains the word "kid."

Клик по ключевому слову откроет список словосочетаний с ним Зеленые - группы, явно указанные пользователем как ключевые; желтые - родительские группы, явно не отмеченные пользователем; заштрихованные - несохраненные группы Выгрузка итоговых результатов
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