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Promotion Of Context Advertising

And the contextual advertising and promotion of the site is a merchant advertising on the Internet. At the same time, both ways of attracting customers have their advantages and disadvantages that can be used with maximum benefit to your company.

Specificities of context advertising

Contex advertising is an advertisement for search systems (Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc.) in searching for customers of your goods or services.

The principle of context advertising: the advertising campaign pays a certain amount, then assigns the cost of one shift from every announcement to your website that you're willing to pay, and while the account is staggered by adverting and writing off the value of the click for each transition.

As potential customers move onto your website on the advertisements created, the bills you're referring to as a click rate are removed from the advertising account. No crossings, money's fine, there's shifts, money's spent proportionally to the number of crossings.

The advantages of context advertising include:

  • The exact selection of the city/region of the Yandex declaration list, which contains increasingly smaller cities in Russia, CIS countries of dipped and long-term burial (e.g. in the Sverdlov region of Yandex, " sees and distinguishes " visitors from: Catherineburg, N. Tagil, Pervouralska and Kurgan);
  • The possibility of limiting the time of announcements, to disperse " not your " visitors, and to save money (e.g., to show announcements from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., i.e. not to show night and weekends);
  • The first customers involved in the context advertisement can be on your website 1-2 days after the launch of the contextual advertising campaign, no advertisement has a higher speed;
  • Online Contex Advertisement allows the display of an advertisement to be managed by disconnecting or including it at your discretion and adjusting the cost of transition for each of the announcements;
  • The only supervisory authority between you and your clients in case of context advertising is the moderators that check each of the announcements for compliance with the FM legislation, the advertising law and the lack of seals. It is they that may prohibit the production of advertisements at all if they offer, for example, the remote sale of goods or services that are prohibited;
  • The budget is one of the possibilities to be within the advertising budget for the current month. By establishing a month ' s spending limit, the context advertising system automatically controls announcements in a manner that does not exceed the amount specified in the construction;
  • Context advertisements allow different budgets to be used in different months, building on the current month ' s advertising budget, without losing previous results;
  • The possibility of attracting visitors on an unrestricted list of keywords allows for the creation of up to a few thousand advertisements, which is virtually impossible to advance the site.
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