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How To Make Contextual Advertising

If you decide to order contextual advertisingI'm sure it's important for you to get the results from her in the form of website or calls. Therefore, the landing page in the context of advertising is of paramount importance, and it can be boldly said to be its main element. All landing pages are divided into two types:

  • Effectiveness
  • Inefficient

Successful landing pages are capable of conversion between 10 and 30 per cent. I mean, almost every three of them come in. contextual advertising Your website leaves contact or makes a call to the office. At the same time, we will point out that this is a real target audience, not just an army of amateurs to go through interesting references.

9 ways to reach a potential client

World practice has created many “fishes” to create landing pages. We want to tell you about the most effective and well-recognized, multitude of advanced experts in this field.

Picture One: Minimistic design

Usually misleading: to make the Internet ad work better, we need to make a bright and sand page. In fact, this approach does not always work:

  • The bright paints only interfere: the landing page is not a new year's tree.
  • Even a classic text page can offer a high conversion. The value of the proposal is the principal for the reader.

Fig. Two: Magic word " BESPLATE "

The word " BESPLATENO " attracted, attracted, and would attract readers, it was inherently human.

  • Council of Marquetologists: Start with this wonderful word the whole page. You can put it right in front of the headline.
  • Marketologist warning: The rule of three repetitions has not been lifted. Using this word in the text, don't forget it.
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