Поисковая контекстная реклама

Google Adwords Contextual Advertising

A free electronic publication describes all the subtleness of AdWords: from which to begin work, which types of campaigns are better used to cost marketing budgets efficiently.

AdWords is an online tool from Google. It is capable of increasing sales, attracting customers to the site, the office or the store, increasing the number of brands online, returning clients through remarketing. If you're not using this service yet, it's time to turn to it.

The e-book, Gogle AdWords: contextual advertising for your website, is a simple and understandable practical guide that is most relevant to date. The publication will introduce you to the service and teach you the benefits of using all of its opportunities and advantages.


You'll know how:

  • Start work in Google AdWords;
  • Start advertising in search and context-based media;
  • Dynamic remarking and advertising in Google Purchase;
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