Контекстная реклама

Counterfeit Advertising


Increase the number of orders


Training attractive to target
Leninga Tonkaya Tonkaya Tonca
Medical planning, optimization of price for clicks
Tonne of counters

Result: Landing Conversion 4.8%
Orders increased twice

Vipro first approached Vipro six months ago with the task of designing an advertising campaign that would actually double the sales, rather than just pour the budget. The challenge was comprehensive, and it was 1, 5 times in the non-sezones that had been sold in a month. We plan to continue working together and increase traffic.
Silk-Prince spare parts store

It was:

Conversion on site 1,43 per cent.

Increase sales

Creation of Lening using
The customer's files. Optimizing the price of the click.
Preparation of the RC for different locations
Web-based analysis

Result: Landing Conversion 2.9%
Sales increased twice

A serious and responsible company. Examine advertising campaigns and provide timely advice and recommendations. Gradually picks up advertising sites and cares about keeping the client's budget. Suggests an immediate package of activities and meets the targets within a clear time frame.
TSR Diesel Generators

Web conversion 1.4%.

Increase the number of calls

Creation of Lening using the client's firm style.
Optimization of price for clicks

Result: Landing Conversion 3.2%
Number of calls doubled

Choose only VIPRO is the best. Russian company market! I did so until I found the VIPRO, spent a lot of money and two years of abuse in respect of non-performance of treaty obligations, and people were formally involved in their work: they sent the report and the bills on a monthly basis. It's not like this company, it's got professionals working here who don't just say, but also know their case, it's been three months. The company's price policy is fair, you pay for results. So if you want to sell, choose the VIPRO!
Piant-Shop decoration shop
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