Скрин прикладываю с правилами

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Hey, everybody. I wanted to ask you, did Adsens pay anyone for October already?

I know that up to 26 of them have rules, they usually pay 22. I don't need money, but suddenly I've been forgotten.

It's written "Employs automatic payment." Rapid.

I confirm that the automatic payment of the Rapid system is performed.

I was waiting for 22-23 numbers.

Probably tomorrow's money. There were no remittances later, unless memory changes.

What's the deal on Rapid if you can put a scroll on the bank card?

You can build where the money comes from. Well, Rapid doesn't take anything out here, she's just a lock through which the funds flow.

Too much interbank remittances, in my view, are interested in our tax authorities everywhere sooner or later. That's why I'm moving to Webmani. Yeah, I'm losing a little bit more (0.8% + 15 roubles) but it's safer. I'm too scared.

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